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Association of Yacht Sales Professionals

The Yacht Brokers Association of America, Inc. YBAA - was founded in 1920 and exists to unite Yacht Sales Professionals throughout North America in order to: establish, promote and enforce high standards of professional competence, character and ethical conduct; foster public recognition of, and support for, YBAA and its member brokers; facilitate cooperation among member brokers; and, enhance each member's success.


Certified Professional Yacht Brokers

Yacht Sales Professionals YSPs (brokers, dealers, salespeople) nationwide have a benchmark for measuring their skills, abilities and performance, while enhancing their marketing value. Boat sellers and buyers are in a better position to select qualified, competent sales professionals with confidence and trust. The Certified Professional Yacht Broker (CPYB) program has made this dream a reality.


Shrink Wrap

We're happy to recommend Seattle Shrink Wrap to our clients. For more information about their vessel wrapping services, call them at 206.856.0056 or check out their website.


Yacht World

Yacht World online Yacht sales website.

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